Data Mining Techniques in CRM

A complete and comprehensive handbook for the application of data mining techniques in marketing and customer relationship management. It combines a technical and a business perspective, bridging the gap between data mining and its use in marketing.

It guides readers through all the phases of the data mining process, presenting a solid data mining methodology, data mining best practices and recommendations for the use of the data mining results for effective marketing. It answers the crucial question of ‘what data to use’ by proposing mining data marts and full lists of KPIs for all major industries.Data mining algorithms are presented in a simple and comprehensive way for the business users along with real-world application examples from all major industries.

The book is mainly addressed to marketers, business analysts and data mining practitioners who are looking for a how-to guide on data mining. It presents the authors’ knowledge and experience from the “data mining trenches”, revealing the secrets for data mining success.

“Turning data into action is the aim of this insightful and practice-oriented book; it succeeds in an extraordinary way. It superbly demonstrates how to use analytical data mining techniques to gain actionable results when analyzing a customer base.This book is poised to become a standard reference, and I unconditionally recommend it to anyone working in this field”
–ACM Computing Reviews ( Jun 2011

“An excellent book for any data miner or anybody involved in CRM. The book is a very pleasant journey inside data mining…Really advised if you′re not a fan of formulas.”
–Data Mining Research – (18 March 2011)

“The text succeeds in offering a good introduction to data mining and market segmentation for almost any reader.”
— International Retail and Marketing Review (Sep 2011)

“Many marketers hear that data mining is a valuable tool, but may not know where to start or how to apply it to their business. This book bridges the gap between the technology and its use in high-value marketing applications. Not only are the techniques of data mining explained (in ways accessible to mere mortals, not just PhD statisticians), Chorianopoulos and Tsiptsis guide marketers in banking, retail, and telecommunications through the steps of assembling the right data, analyzing it to identify actionable segments, and using this insight to drive successful marketing activities. The book is packed with guidance and tips that will ‘jump start’ marketing applications – a great benefit to any company looking to move its marketing to the next level.”
—Colin Shearer, Senior Vice President Strategic Analytics, SPSS, an IBM Company

Book Details

  • Hardcover: 372 pages
  • Publisher: Wiley (January 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0470743972
  • ISBN-13: 978-0470743973
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