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BuddyPress Theme Development 0

BuddyPress Theme Development

BuddyPress is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to create communities. BuddyPress themes, whilst based on WordPress, have a lot of extra templates that set them apart. Having a custom theme for your community has...

Programming with CodeIgniter MVC 0

Programming with CodeIgniter MVC

The CodeIgniter Model-View-Controller framework provides genius simplicity, flexibility, and efficient resource usage, boosting performance and reusability. “Programming with CodeIgniter MVC” reviews the unique features of CodeIgniterusingsimple, easy-to-follow, and practical examples. Programming with CodeIgniter MVCprovides a simple...

WordPress Multisite Administration 0

WordPress Multisite Administration

WordPress is an incredibly popular blogging platform. Few people realize that the software behind, which is a standalone WordPress with multisite enabled, is available for free, for anyone to make use of. WordPress Multisite is...