Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja

JavaScript developers commonly rely on collections of reusable JavaScript code–written by themselves or by someone else at their company. Alternatively, they rely on code from a third party. But in all these cases they need to know how to either construct a cross-browser library from scratch or be adept at using and maintaining their library of choice.

In Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja, JavaScript expert John Resig reveals the inside know-how of the elite JavaScript programmers. Written to be accessible to JavaScript developers with intermediate-level skills, this book will give you the knowledge you need to create a cross-browser JavaScript library from the ground up.

This book takes you on a journey towards mastering modern JavaScript development in three phases: design, construction, and maintenance. You first are given a base of strong, advanced JavaScript knowledge, enabling you to make decisions about the overall design of a library and how to tackle its eventual construction. The book then teaches you how to construct your library. It examines all the numerous tasks JavaScript libraries have to tackle and provides practical solutions and development strategies for their creation. It then guides you through the various maintenance techniques you will need to keep your code running well into the future.

With Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja you will have all the knowledge you need to build your own JavaScript library and to use any modern JavaScript library.

What’s Inside

  • Advanced features of the JavaScript language
  • Detailed cross-browser code problems and solutions
  • Best practices

Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Enter the ninja
Chapter 2. Testing and debugging

Chapter 3. Functions are fundamental
Chapter 4. Wielding functions
Chapter 5. Closing in on closures
Chapter 6. Object-orientation with prototypes
Chapter 7. Wrangling regular expressions
Chapter 8. Taming threads and timers

Chapter 9. Ninja alchemy: Run-time code evaluation
Chapter 10. With statements
Chapter 11. Developing cross-browser strategies
Chapter 12. Cutting through attributes, properties, and CSS

Chapter 13. Surviving events
Chapter 14. Manipulating the DOM
Chapter 15. CSS selector engine

Book Details

  • Paperback: 300 pages
  • Publisher: Manning Publications (December 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 193398869X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1933988696
Download [31.8 MiB]

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    I want to sams ASP.NET MVC Framework Unleashed ebook 🙁
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    I was wondering if you can also get the newly released Code Interview questions book from Apress:

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    The author is the creator of jQuery, which I don’t like. Mootools/Dojo FTW!

    To all javascript devs out there: You might want to check mootools prime.
    Designers can keep using jQuery…

    BTW: A book that will definitely make you a *master* js ninja (if Resig’s does not) is ‘Oreilly.JavaScript.The.Definitive.Guide.6th.Edition.Apr.2011.pdf’


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