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Build a Profitable Online Business 0

Build a Profitable Online Business

Build a Profitable Online Business: The No Nonsense Guide is a highly condensed step-by-step guide on how to build and run profitable websites. Serial web entrepreneur Mikael Olsson gives you in a nutshell all the tools, tips,...

Social Collaboration For Dummies 0

Social Collaboration For Dummies

Realize the potential of social collaboration in business with this easy-to-understand guide Social media have proven to be an engaging and addictive mode of communication and information gathering for users on a personal level. However, by...

Mining the Social Web, 2nd Edition 0

Mining the Social Web, 2nd Edition

How can you tap into the wealth of social web data to discover who’s making connections with whom, what they’re talking about, and where they’re located? With this expanded and thoroughly revised edition, you’ll learn how...

Display Advertising: An Hour a Day 0

Display Advertising: An Hour a Day

A complete guide to developing, implementing, monitoring, and optimizing an online display ad campaign The display business is online advertising’s fastest growing field. Google and others are starting to provide easy tools to enable small- and...

Social CRM For Dummies 0

Social CRM For Dummies

Discover great ways to engage your customers through the social web Social CRM is an evolving tool to help you engage your customers, interact with them, and develop deeper relationships. This handy guide teaches you how...