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Metasploit Penetration Testing Cookbook, 2nd Edition 0

Metasploit Penetration Testing Cookbook, 2nd Edition

Metasploit software helps security and IT professionals identify security issues, verify vulnerability mitigations, and manage expert-driven security assessments. Capabilities include smart exploitation, password auditing, web application scanning, and social engineering. Teams can collaborate in Metasploit and...

Network Security Through Data Analysis 0

Network Security Through Data Analysis

Traditional intrusion detection and logfile analysis are no longer enough to protect today’s complex networks. In this practical guide, security researcher Michael Collins shows you several techniques and tools for collecting and analyzing network traffic datasets....

VMware vCloud Security 0

VMware vCloud Security

Security is a major concern, in particular now that everything is moving to the cloud. A private cloud is a cloud computing platform built on your own hardware and software. The alternative is to deploy the...

Kali Linux Cookbook 0

Kali Linux Cookbook

In this age, where online information is at its most vulnerable, knowing how to execute the same attacks that hackers use to break into your system or network helps you plug the loopholes before it’s too...

Cuckoo Malware Analysis 0

Cuckoo Malware Analysis

Cuckoo Sandbox is a leading open source automated malware analysis system. This means that you can throw any suspicious file at it and, in a matter of seconds, Cuckoo will provide you with some detailed results...

Web Penetration Testing with Kali Linux 0

Web Penetration Testing with Kali Linux

Kali Linux is built for professional penetration testing and security auditing. It is the next-generation of BackTrack, the most popular open-source penetration toolkit in the world. Readers will learn how to think like real attackers, exploit...