WordPress 3 Ultimate Security

Most likely – today – some hacker tried to crack your WordPress site, its data and content – maybe once but, with automated tools, very likely dozens or hundreds of times. There’s no silver bullet but if you want to cut the odds of a successful attack from practically inevitable to practically zero, read this book.

WordPress 3 Ultimate Security shows you how to hack your site before someone else does. You’ll uncover its weaknesses before sealing them off, securing your content and your day-to-day local-to-remote editorial process. This is more than some “10 Tips …” guide. It’s ultimate protection – because that’s what you need.

Survey your network, using the insight from this book to scan for and seal the holes before galvanizing the network with a rack of cool tools. Solid!

The WordPress platform is only as safe as the weakest network link, administrator discipline, and your security knowledge. We’ll cover the bases, underpinning your working process from any location, containing content, locking down the platform, your web files, the database, and the server. With that done, your ongoing security is infinitely more manageable.

Covering deep-set security yet enjoyable to read, WordPress 3 Ultimate Security will multiply your understanding and fortify your site.

This is an essential guide to securing your WordPress site and content, which shows what to do locally, wirelessly, server-side, and with the application to keep the bad guys out.

What you will learn from this book :

  • Hack or be hacked! Learn the mind-set, how attackers work, the methods they employ and how to use those to secure WordPress
  • Work safely from anywhere, using the latest antimalware tools on your PC and being secure even on infected shared machines
  • Understand the dangers of wireless connections, maximize your router’s protection and know how to safely use public WiFi hotspots
  • Learn about and use the toughest internet protocols to connect to your server, site, and files with military-strength encryption
  • Find out how to hide your Dashboard and any other sensitive web files by using code, plugins, and Apache modules
  • Carry out dozens of WordPress security tasks using either plugins or code and utilizing either a control panel or terminal
  • Keep tabs on content, find out who is using it, and how to enforce your copyright (and safeguard your SEO)
  • Know the risks with control panels and interfaces like phpMyAdmin, learning how to solidify them or completely hide them from attackers
  • Recover from a WordPress disaster, properly diagnosing the underlying cause of the problem so that it won’t be repeated
  • Consider the security differences between web hosting types and know what kind of security questions to ask a shared host
  • Grasp key Linux concepts like file ownership and permissions, using the terminal to maximize security options (for shared hosting too)
  • Reinforce the server with – for starters – an encrypted connection, network, firewall, and kernel hardening and with a web application firewall

This is a comprehensive essential guide to WordPress security written in a light style, which converts learning a really serious topic to an enjoyable read. It is packed with copy-paste solutions to security to suit all levels of security know-how.

Who this book is written for
Just as WordPress is used by a broad spectrum of website owners, with varying degrees of security know-how, so WordPress 3 Ultimate Security is written to be understood by security novices and web professionals alike. From site and server owners and administrators to members of their contributing team, this essential A to Z reference takes a complex and, let’s face it, frankly dull subject and makes it accessible, encouraging, and sometimes even fun. Even if you are a total newbie to security, you can transform an insecure site into an iron-clad fortress, safeguarding your site users, your content and, sooner or later, your stress level.

Book Details

  • Paperback: 408 pages
  • Publisher: Packt Publishing (June 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1849512108
  • ISBN-13: 978-1849512107
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