The Value of RFID

RFID technology presents a great potential for creating competitive advantage. By automating and simplifying data collection, it lets users more accurately track assets and monitor key indicators, which in turn gives greater visibility to the operations. However, the benefits received from this technology will be determined by how well it is integrated with the business processes and overall information flow. Because of the fact that the decision to deploy RFID technology in an enterprise is a business decision instead of a technology decision, cost-benefit analysis is a key component of this decision. If an RFID deployment cannot be justified in terms of its economic value to the company, it is not likely to help the company; and consequently, it is not likely to remain a viable deployment over the long term.

The Value of RFID describes the business value of RFID and explains the costs and benefits of this technology comprehensively. Different investment evaluation models are proposed to use in various application areas. Techniques to guide the selection of appropriate implementation levels and to handle uncertainty and risk in RFID are explained.

Written for researchers, undergraduate and graduate students, and lecturers working in the field of RFID and supply chain management, evaluation practices for RFID investment for different application areas are discussed in detail. The book also guides managers in making accurate decisions on RFID investment in order to maximize the return.

  • Examines different application areas of RFID investment
  • Analyses the risk dimension of RFID implementation projects
  • Describes different models to justify RFID investments

Table of Contents
Chapter 1. The Business Value of RFID
Chapter 2. The Cost Benefit Models for RFID Investments
Chapter 3. Risk Analysis of RFID Investments Under Uncertainty
Chapter 4. Measuring The Intangible Benefits of RFID Investments
Chapter 5. Decision Making for Implementation Level of RFID
Chapter 6. RFID in Supply Chain Applications: The Tagging Cost Sharing Approach
Chapter 7. RFID in Healthcare
Chapter 8. RFID in Courier and Cargo Sector
Chapter 9. RFID in Construction Sector
Chapter 10. RFID in Retail Sector
Chapter 11. RFID in Manufacturing
Chapter 12. RFID in Libraries

Book Details

  • Hardcover: 182 pages
  • Publisher: Springer (August 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1447143442
  • ISBN-13: 978-1447143444
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