The Other Side of Wall Street: In Business It Pays to Be an Animal, In Life It Pays to Be Yourself

As seen on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.”

Minyanville Media founder and former hedge fund honcho Todd Harrison shares amazing untold stories from Wall Street’s hidden side. From the adrenaline rush of trading at Morgan Stanley, to trench warfare with Galleon and Jim Cramer to valuable lessons about money and life, Harrison provides unforgettable tales from the most tumultuous era in financial history!

From the Back Cover
“A tale of purpose and integrity in an age when those traits have become true commodities.”
–David Stockman, Director of the Office of Management and Budget (1981—1985)

“Will grab you and make you keep turning pages….”
–John Mauldin, four-time New York Times bestselling author

“…offers loving testimony to the need to find your soul in order to truly gain the world.”
–Abe Peck, Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University

“Todd Harrison pulls back the curtain on Wall Street.”
–Martin Dunn, former Editor-in-Chief, New York Daily News

“Bristles with integrity, honesty, and personal confession….”
–Pimm Fox, host of Taking Stock on Bloomberg TV

“The best conversation about money at the personal and business level that I have ever read.”
–Dr. Tahira K. Hira, Professor and Chairwoman, NYSE Euronext Financial Literacy Advisory Committee

“The straight dope from the last honest man on Wall Street….”
–Barry Ritholtz, author of Bailout Nation

“Harrison is a brilliant trader with a poet’s heart.”
–Diane Galligan, Managing Editor, Yahoo! Finance

“His journey is humbling and inspirational.”
–Peter Atwater, former Treasurer, Bank ONE

“Todd Harrison helps the reader find his or her guideposts for a happy and meaningful life.”
–C. Warren Moses, former CEO, The Children’s Aid Society

“Unlike any Wall Street story you have ever read.”
–Jamie Hammond, former Business Editor of AOL and

This is a story of personal experience, although none of what you’re about to read comes from a place of perceived accomplishment. I’m not particularly proud of some of the details in this book, but they helped shape the person I am today.

I confused net worth with self-worth.
I didn’t know the difference between having fun and being happy.
I looked for validation in the bottom of a bank account, and when I arrived at where I thought I wanted to be, I wanted—and needed—more.
…I never thought I was that guy.

In this stunning personal memoir, founder and CEO of Minyanville Media and former president of Cramer Berkowitz, Todd Harrison narrates his incredible Wall Street story: a tale of rise, fall, and redemption so remarkable that Oliver Stone featured it in his 20th anniversary Wall Street documentary.

Harrison reveals the hidden side of Wall Street: the extreme personalities, the testosterone-driven lifestyles, the euphoria, the despair…and what happens when it’s all over.

You’ll share a ringside view of the rise of high-stakes finance through the ’90s and ’00s—and the titanic collapse that followed. You’ll also discover what it’s really like to partner with Jim Cramer—the highs, the lows, and everything in between.

This is a story you had to live to tell. Harrison lived it and survived to tell it—unforgettably.

• Entering the “golden door”
Joining Morgan Stanley in its 1990s heyday

• Hunger and passion, bliss and terror
Life with Cramer and the global markets

• Missing the “bigger trade”
Finding inner strength when the world changes and the calls stop

• Making peace, learning gratitude, moving forward
A new business, a new journey, a new life

Book Details

  • Hardcover: 192 pages
  • Publisher: FT Press (May 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 013248966X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0132489669
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