Competing in Tough Times

This book brings together powerful new strategies that world-class retailers are using today to thrive in a brutal business environment. Top retail expert Dr. Barry Berman shows how to plan, execute, and win based on cost and differentiation. Detailed case studies include Wegman’s, Family Dollar, Target, Tesco, Walgreen, and Costco.

Competing in Tough Times brings together powerful new strategies that world-class retailers are using to thrive in today’s brutally unforgiving business environment. World-renowned retail expert Dr. Barry Berman shows how to plan, build, and implement proven strategies based on both cost and differentiation. You’ll learn how to safely reduce costs and prices without increasing risk, minimize product proliferation, enhance the service experience, strengthen your private label program, and more. To support each approach, Berman presents full-length examples from outstanding retailers in every market sector, from consumer goods and apparel to technology.

Whether you’re a retail executive, owner, supplier, consultant, or student, these are the tools you need to compete, win—and keep on winning.

In Competing in Tough Times, Berman systematically examines ten world-class retailers, identifying shared strategies that every retailer can use to drive dramatic, sustained performance improvement. Berman highlights what these widely diverse retailers have in common in terms of both operational cost structures and differentiation. He reveals how they’ve developed low-cost strategies without cutting crucial “muscle,” better rationalized product selection, optimized human relations and the service experience, and taken full advantage of private labeling. He presents his recommendations in an easy-to-read decision-making format, supported by current data and detailed implementation guidance.

Whatever your role in retail, Competing in Tough Times will help you implement the best practices that really matter–and get the results you really need.

Practical, usable lessons from great retailers!

  • Plan a low-cost provider strategy that works
  • Minimize product proliferation
  • Strengthen linkages between employee satisfaction, customer delight, and profits
  • Engage customers in a shopping experience that’s pleasant, exciting, and fun
  • Develop and maintain a stronger private label program
  • Implement a value-driven retail strategy
  • Effectively execute on the strategies you choose

Book Details

  • Hardcover: 300 pages
  • Publisher: FT Press (November 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0132459191
  • ISBN-13: 978-0132459198
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