Web Performance Daybook, Volume 2

Performance is critical to the success of any website, and help with using today’s new tools is key. In this remarkable guide, 32 leading web performance experts offer practical tips, techniques, and advice for optimizing your site’s user experience.

Originally written for an online calendar, this collection of articles will inspire you to squeeze every ounce of performance from your site—whether you’re a web developer, mobile developer, or web designer. Check the table of contents and you’ll be convinced.

In order of appearance, Web Performance Daybook authors include:

  • Patrick Meenan
  • Nicholas Zakas
  • Guy Podjarny
  • Stoyan Stefanov
  • Tim Kadlec
  • Brian Pane
  • Josh Fraser
  • Steve Souders
  • Betty Tso
  • Israel Nir
  • Marcel Duran
  • Éric Daspet
  • Alois Reitbauer
  • Matthew Prince
  • Buddy Brewer
  • Alexander Podelko
  • Estelle Weyl
  • Aaron Peters
  • Tony Gentilcore
  • Matthew Steele
  • Bryan McQuade
  • Tobie Langel
  • Billy Hoffman
  • Joshua Bixby
  • Sergey Chernyshev
  • JP Castro
  • Pavel Paulau
  • David Calhoun
  • Nicole Sullivan
  • James Pearce
  • Tom Hughes-Croucher
  • Dave Artz

Table of Contents
Chapter 1. WebPagetest Internals
Chapter 2. localStorage Read Performance
Chapter 3. Why Inlining Everything Is NOT the Answer
Chapter 4. The Art and Craft of the Async Snippet
Chapter 5. Carrier Networks: Down the Rabbit Hole
Chapter 6. The Need for Parallelism in HTTP
Chapter 7. Automating Website Performance
Chapter 8. Frontend SPOF in Beijing
Chapter 9. All about YSlow
Chapter 10. Secrets of High Performance Native Mobile Applications
Chapter 11. Pure CSS3 Images? Hmm, Maybe Later
Chapter 12. Useless Downloads of Background Images in Android
Chapter 13. Timing the Web
Chapter 14. I See HTTP
Chapter 15. Using Intelligent Caching to Avoid the Bot Performance Tax
Chapter 16. A Practical Guide to the Navigation Timing API
Chapter 17. How Response Times Impact Business
Chapter 18. Mobile UI Performance Considerations
Chapter 19. Stop Wasting Your Time Using the Google Analytics Site Speed Report
Chapter 20. Beyond Web Developer Tools: Strace
Chapter 21. Introducing mod_spdy: A SPDY Module for the Apache HTTP Server
Chapter 22. Lazy Evaluation of CommonJS Modules
Chapter 23. Advice on Trusting Advice
Chapter 24. Why You’re Probably Reading Your Performance Measurement Results Wrong (At Least You’re in Good Company)
Chapter 25. Lossy Image Compression
Chapter 26. Performance Testing with Selenium and JavaScript
Chapter 27. A Simple Way to Measure Website Performance
Chapter 28. Beyond Bandwidth: UI Performance
Chapter 29. CSS Selector Performance Has Changed! (For the Better)
Chapter 30. Losing Your Head with PhantomJS and confess.js
Chapter 31. Measure Twice, Cut Once
Chapter 32. When Good Backends Go Bad
Chapter 33. Web Font Performance: Weighing @font-face Options and Alternatives

Book Details

  • Paperback: 226 pages
  • Publisher: O’Reilly Media (June 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1449332919
  • ISBN-13: 978-1449332914
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