The HDRI Handbook 2.0

High dynamic range imaging (HDRI) takes photography to a whole new level. It opens the door to unprecedented creative freedom in digital post-processing by capturing everything from the darkest shadows to the brightest highlights. HDRI means truly lossless image editing, full exposure control, and the ability to master any scene’s contrast without artificial lighting and preserve all light from a scene so it can be digitally revisited anytime in the future. Combined with panoramic photography, this captured light can even be used to render 3D objects with a deceivingly realistic appearance.

In 2007, The HDRI Handbook was the first book to present this revolutionary new field to a larger audience. These days HDRI is a fully mature technology available to everyone. Real estate and landscape photographers have adopted it as part of their regular workflow, it has become one of the hottest trends for ambitious amateurs and creative professionals alike, and the modern movie industry would be completely dysfunctional without it.

Now The HDRI Handbook 2.0 redefines its own gold standard. It has been completely rewritten and is packed with practical hints and tips, background knowledge, reference tools, breathtaking artist portfolios, and inspiring interviews. The book includes dozens of new step-by-step tutorials, which are easy to follow with the material provided on the DVD. Beginners will get a methodically solid introduction and advanced readers will be able to refine their technique to perfection.

Whether you are a photographer, CG artist, compositor, or cinematographer, this book is sure to enlighten you.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the foundation of HDRI
  • HDR software comparisons and evaluations
  • Capturing HDR images: today and tomorrow
  • Tonemapping for creating superior prints
  • HDR image processing and compositing
  • Shooting and stitching HDR panoramas
  • Image-based lighting and CG rendering

2.0 updates include:

  • New cameras, sensors, and HDR beamsplitter rigs
  • Open Camera Controller for endless auto-bracketing
  • Correct RAW pre-processing and ghost removal
  • Dozens of practical, easy-to-follow tutorials
  • A structured approach to tonemapping, inspired by Ansel Adams
  • Set etiquette and tips for capturing HDR panos for visual effects
  • Seven artist spotlights showing unique perspectives on HDRI
  • Seven crossword puzzles: a fun way to test yourself
  • A companion DVD loaded with goodies

Book Details

  • Paperback: 672 pages
  • Publisher: Rocky Nook (December 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1937538168
  • ISBN-13: 978-1937538163
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