Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Administration

An essential how-to guide for experienced DBAs on the most significant product release since 2005!

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 will have major changes throughout the SQL Server and will impact how DBAs administer the database. With this book, a team of well-known SQL Server experts introduces the many new features of the most recent version of SQL Server and deciphers how these changes will affect the methods that administrators have been using for years. Loaded with unique tips, tricks, and workarounds for handling the most difficult SQL Server admin issues, this how-to guide deciphers topics such as performance tuning, backup and recovery, scaling and replication, clustering, and security.

  • Serves as a must-have how-to guide on the new features of the 2012 release of Microsoft SQL Server
  • Walks you through ways to manage and monitor SQL Server and automate administration
  • Guides you through SQL Azure for cloud computing, data replication, and data warehouse performance improvements
  • Addresses client-connectivity enhancements, new features that ensure high availability of mission-critical applications, and tighter integration with Excel and SharePoint for data analysis and reporting
  • Highlights major changes to the suite of SQL Server BI tools, including integration, reporting, and analysis services
  • Includes real-world case examples and best practices from Microsoft insiders

If you’re a database administrator eager to get started with the newest version of SQL Server, then this book is essential reading.

From the Back Cover
Tips, tricks, and workarounds for effectively administering SQL Server

This comprehensive guide teaches you the skills needed to successfully administer SQL Server 2012. You’ll learn how to handle the most difficult admin issues including change management, security, performance tuning, monitoring, and backups. And you’ll also discover how to master the latest features of the 2012 release, including client connectivity enhancements, cloud computing, data replication, and business intelligence. This detailed instruction by leading experts will help you improve the efficiency, scalability, and performance of your SQL Server environment so you can do more in much less time.

Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Administration:

  • Examines settings and configuration items that improve SQL Server performance
  • Shows how to implement strategies for effective indexing for your database
  • Takes you through the setup, configuration, and testing of a cluster
  • Outlines the options in SQL Server for backups and recoveries, and provides recommendations to make the most of these features
  • Covers what you need to know about how SharePoint® 2010 integrates with SQL Server
  • Introduces SQL Server Azure and gets you up and running on this exciting new cloud platform

Table of Contents
Chapter 1. SQL Server 2012 Architecture
Chapter 2. Installing SQL Server 2012 Best Practices
Chapter 3. Upgrading SQL Server 2012 Best Practices
Chapter 4. Managing and Troubleshooting the Database Engine
Chapter 5. Automating SQL Server
Chapter 6. Service Broker in SQL Server 2012
Chapter 7. SQL Server CLR Integration
Chapter 8. Securing the Database Instance
Chapter 9. Change Management
Chapter 10. Confi guring the Server for Optimal Performance
Chapter 11. Optimizing SQL Server 2012
Chapter 12. Monitoring Your SQL Server
Chapter 13. Performance Tuning T-SQL
Chapter 14. Indexing Your Database
Chapter 15. Replication
Chapter 16. Clustering SQL Server 2012
Chapter 17. Backup and Recovery
Chapter 18. SQL Server 2012 Log Shipping
Chapter 19. Database Mirroring
Chapter 20. Integration Services Administration and Performance Tuning
Chapter 21. Analysis Services Administration and Performance Tuning
Chapter 22. SQL Server Reporting Services Administration
Chapter 23. SQL Server 2012 SharePoint 2010 Integration
Chapter 24. SQL Azure Administration and Confi guration
Chapter 25. AlwaysOn Availability Groups

Book Details

  • Paperback: 960 pages
  • Publisher: Wrox (April 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1118106881
  • ISBN-13: 978-1118106884
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