Network-Embedded Management and Applications

Despite the explosion of networking services and applications in the past decades, the basic technological underpinnings of the Internet have remained largely unchanged. At its heart are special-purpose appliances that connect us to the digital world, commonly known as switches and routers. Now, however, the traditional framework is being increasingly challenged by new methods that are jostling for a position in the “next-generation” Internet. The concept of a network that is becoming more programmable is one of the aspects that are taking center stage. This opens new possibilities to embed software applications inside the network itself and to manage networks and communications services with unprecedented ease and efficiency. In this edited volume, distinguished experts take the reader on a tour of different facets of programmable network infrastructure and applications that exploit it. Presenting the state of the art in network embedded management and applications and programmable network infrastructure, the book conveys fundamental concepts and provides a glimpse into various facets of the latest technology in the field.

Table of Contents
Part I: Foundations of Network Embedded Management and Applications
Chapter 1. Motivation: The Dawn of the Age of Network Embedded Applications
Chapter 2. A Brief History of Network Programmability and Related Fields
Chapter 3. Network Embedded Management
Chapter 4. Improving Manageability through Network Embedded Management

Part II: Infrastructure, Case Studies, Research Areas
Chapter 5. On the Relevance and Adoption of Network Automation
Chapter 6. Embedding Operational Intelligence into Junos Devices through On Box Scripts
Chapter 7. Developing Innovative Embedded Applications in the Network with the Junos SDK
Chapter 8. Using Embedded Scripting to Define a Protocol for High Available Data Center Interconnect
Chapter 9. Enabling IP Based Smart Services
Chapter 10. Network Embedded Social Network Protocols
Chapter 11. OpenFlow: A Perspective for Building Versatile Networks
Chapter 12. Application and Network Resource Access Control
Chapter 13. Protocols for Distributed Embedded Management
Chapter 14. Peer to Peer (P2P) Based Network Management
Chapter 15. Scalable and Robust Decentralized IP Traffic Flow Collection and Analysis (SCRIPT)

Book Details

  • Hardcover: 362 pages
  • Publisher: Springer (July 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1441967680
  • ISBN-13: 978-1441967688
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