CFO Techniques

CFO Techniques: A Hands-on Guide to Keeping Your Business Solvent and Successful is a comprehensive and instructive working manual for multitasking chief financial officers and controllers working in the fast-paced commercial environment. Every senior financial professional with an ever-broadening span of control will benefit from this complete outline of the core activities—with specific descriptions of individual tasks—comprising the daily agenda of a successful CFO or controller. It covers everything from traditional responsibilities like budgeting and financial reporting, to more innovative tasks like performance analytics and business strategy development.

While emphasizing specific guidelines on what it takes to excel as a company’s head of finance, the book refrains from overwhelming dryness by using cultural references, real-life examples, and a casual tone. With its bite-sized, easy-to-read chapters, CFO Techniques serves as both an invaluable desktop reference handbook and a good bedtime read. Whether you need a quick recommendation on treasury procedures, adhering to GAAP, keeping funds safe from embezzlers, or advice on dealing with the CEO, you will find the answers in this book.

  • Guides you through CFO/controller core responsibilities, function by function
  • Serves as a reference manual on financial matters specific to the small and mid-size commercial environment
  • Goes beyond finance and accounting, addressing the administrative and behavioral issues all CFOs occasionally must address

What you’ll learn
You will learn to:

  • Identify best practices for each CFO/controller function
  • Select tasks crucial for survival and growth of the company
  • Formulate processes and procedures
  • Organize daily, weekly, monthly, and annual routines
  • Identify reporting and analytical requirements
  • Establish internal and external working relationships
  • Keep the organization on the right side of the law and regulation at all times

Who this book is for
CFO Techniques: A Hands-on Guide to Keeping Your Business Solvent and Successful is for professionals who have built their careers in accounting and finance and reached—or are nearing—the top level. It’s for chief financial officers, controllers, financial directors, and vice presidents who work in small and mid-size companies characterized by flatter organizational structures and wider scopes of responsibilities. CFO Techniques is equally useful for those charting their functions and tasks for the first time, as well as for those who have been in their positions for some time and want to make sure that nothing is amiss.

Table of Contents
Introduction: What It Takes to Succeed, or How Long Is Your Hat Rack?

  1. What’s So Special About Smaller Businesses?
  2. Titles vs. Job Description
  3. CFO’s Mission and Aspirations
  4. The Eight Balls You Cannot Afford to Drop
  5. Essential Knowledge Prerequisites
  6. Commercial and Financial Policies
  7. Procedures Development and Documentation
  8. Internal Controls
  9. The Weakest Link
  10. Budgeting as a Control Mechanism
  11. Commercial Control
  12. Variety and Nature of Capital Resources
  13. Business Type vs. Financial Resources
  14. Soliciting Lenders and Investors
  15. Nurturing Financial Relationships
  16. Essence of Treasury Function
  17. Cash Flow Projections
  18. Cash Position Reports
  19. Receivables and Payables Management
  20. Cash Management Services
  21. Information Technology Needs and Decisions
  22. Data Processing and Quality Control
  23. Performance Analytics and Executive Reports
  24. The Importance of Segmental Analysis
  25. Ad-hoc Reporting
  26. Find Your Applicable GAAP, FASB, SFAS, and SOP
  27. Accounting Cycles Identification
  28. The Most Important Statement: Cash Flow
  29. Choose Your Auditors Wisely and Educate Them
  30. What Guarantees Fast and Painless Audits
  31. Insured Risks
  32. Commercial Risks
  33. Tax and Regulations Compliance
  34. Strategic Planning
  35. Practical Forecasting and Scenario Modeling
  36. New Ventures
  37. Exit Strategies
  38. Human Resources Management
  39. Hiring and Outsourcing
  40. The Importance of Behavioral Assessment

Book Details

  • Paperback: 380 pages
  • Publisher: Apress (December 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1430237562
  • ISBN-13: 978-1430237563
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