Arduino and Kinect Projects

If you’ve done some Arduino tinkering and wondered how you could incorporate the Kinect—or the other way around—then this book is for you. The authors of Arduino and Kinect Projects will show you how to create 10 amazing, creative projects, from simple to complex. You’ll also find out how to incorporate Processing in your project design—a language very similar to the Arduino language.

The ten projects are carefully designed to build on your skills at every step. Starting with the Arduino and Kinect equivalent of “Hello, World,” the authors will take you through a diverse range of projects that showcase the huge range of possibilities that open up when Kinect and Arduino are combined.

  • Gesture-based Remote Control. Control devices and home appliances with hand gestures.
  • Kinect-networked Puppet. Play with a physical puppet remotely using your whole body.
  • Mood Lamps. Build your own set of responsive, gesture controllable LED lamps.
  • Drawing Robot. Control a drawing robot using a Kinect-based tangible table.
  • Remote-controlled Vehicle. Use your body gestures to control a smart vehicle.
  • Biometric Station. Use the Kinect for biometric recognition and checking Body Mass Indexes.
  • 3D Modeling Interface. Learn how to use the Arduino LilyPad to build a wearable 3D modelling interface.
  • 360º Scanner. Build a turntable scanner and scan any object 360º using only one Kinect.
  • Delta Robot. Build and control your own fast and accurate parallel robot.

What you’ll learn

  • Arduino and Kinect basics
  • Interfacing Kinect and Arduino through Processing
  • Communicating: Serial and communication over networks
  • Interacting with the physical world: Sensors and actuators
  • Volumetric Scanning
  • Step-by-step instructions on a variety of Arduino/Kinect projects

Who this book is for
Intermediate to experienced gadget hackers who want to learn how to combine Arduino with Kinect, or who want inspiration for innovation.

Table of Contents

  1. Arduino Basics
  2. Kinect Basics
  3. Interfacing Arduino and Kinect through Processing
  4. Hello World: LED-me
  5. Gesture-based Remote Control
  6. Kinect-networked Puppet
  7. Mood Lamps
  8. Drawing Robot
  9. Remote-controlled Vehicles
  10. Biometric Station
  11. 3D Modeling Interface
  12. 360º Scanner
  13. Delta Robot

Book Details

  • Paperback: 416 pages
  • Publisher: Apress (April 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1430241675
  • ISBN-13: 978-1430241676
Download [96.8 MiB]

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