SOA Governance in Action

SOA Governance in Action is a hands-on guide for developers and technology leads who need to develop and implement policies for SOA projects. This book introduces the fundamentals of good governance, the best practices for implementing them, and how to support governance using various open source tools. You’ll follow an extensive case study that addresses the areas of service design, security, testing, and performance.

Governance is a serious word for a simple idea-defining processes, roles, and expectations for a software project. It’s especially important in SOA where you have multiple stakeholders, competing requirements, and complex integration tasks. Good SOA governance blends established best practices, strong management and monitoring tools, and the flexibility to embrace new technologies and patterns.

SOA Governance in Action shows developers how to apply governance concepts and implementation practices to achieve success in SOA projects. You’ll learn practical techniques like building a metadata repository using WSO2 Registry or a custom monitoring dashboard using Bamos BAM. You’ll also explore other supporting tools, such as using OpenAM, to implement security-related policies. Along the way, you’ll explore the nuances of writing policies that work for the project and click with your corporate culture.

Written for business application developers. Familiarity with Java and BPMN is helpful but not required.

What’s Inside

  • Service design, security, testing, and performance
  • Self documenting services, auditing, and running in a cloud.
  • Supporting best practices with open source tools
  • Examples using both REST and WS-*

Table of Contents
Part 1: Introduction
1. Introducing SOA governance
2. Setting up the SOA governance environment
3. Using a case study to understand SOA governance

Part 2: Design-time policies
4. Service design and documentation policies
5. Security policies
6. Testing, performance, and the cloud

Part 3: Runtime policies
7. Using tools for runtime governance
8. Lifecycle support and discovering resources
9. Integrating SOA governance tools with existing tools and technologies

Appendix. Installing tools, libraries, and frameworks

Book Details

  • Paperback: 456 pages
  • Publisher: Manning Publications (August 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1617290270
  • ISBN-13: 978-1617290275
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