qooxdoo: Beginner’s Guide

Over the past few years, all the major internet or enterprise applications are developed or migrated to Rich Internet Application to support all the features that are provided in the desktop applications. This helps organizations keep the end users happy and also improves application deployment and maintenance. qooxdoo is a stable, open source RIA framework. If you are waiting and watching for the right time to migrate your application to qooxdoo, this is the right time!

This book explains in detail about the rich user interface development in qooxdoo. It explains various concepts of qooxdoo framework in an easy to grasp and organized way, making it simple even for a novice in qooxdoo and also increases the competency level of the developer who is already working in qooxdoo.

This book helps developers understand the qooxdoo framework, setup the environment, and start the development of RIA using qooxdoo. You will learn the core programming techniques in qooxdoo, user interface development in qooxdoo, testing & debugging qooxdoo applications, internationalization of qooxdoo applications to multiple languages, customizing the look and feel of qooxdoo applications using Themes, Performance management, etc.

In the course of the book, we develop a complete application which will help the developer to understand the concepts better and to put things together to see the step-by-step progress to complete an application. By the end, this book will get the developer accustomed to the widgets and API available in the qooxdoo framework, and will enable him to design, develop, debug, and test the RIA in qooxdoo.

This book will take you through the various design and implementation concepts using qooxdoo. It helps you to develop Rich Internet Applications (RIA). qooxdoo 1.2 and qooxdoo1.4 are used to write this book.

What you will learn from this book:

  • Gain knowledge on core object oriented programming concepts in qooxdoo
  • Communicate through RPC-based AJAX calls
  • Use light weight JSON to pass the data between client and server
  • Get well versed with Containers and Layout Managers
  • Learn most of the off the shelf widgets provided by qooxdoo in an organized way
  • Design and implement Rich Internet Applications in qooxdoo
  • Learn to do unit testing and automated testing of your qooxdoo application
  • Easily internationalize your qooxdoo application to multiple languages
  • Customize your qooxdoo application’s look and feel using Themes
  • Profile and improve performance of the qooxdoo applications
  • Create reusable custom widgets for your qooxdoo applications
  • Develop enterprise applications in qooxdoo

This is a Packt beginner’s guide. The unique style of the book is to set the requirements for an application, Team Twitter, in the first chapter and apply the concepts in the application as you learn in the following chapters. When you complete this book, you would have developed a complete application.

Although the scope of this book is only on the qooxdoo framework, which is a client side framework, we have explained how to set up one of the RPC servers and demonstrated the end to end application in the Team Twitter.

Who this book is written for
This book is intended for the client side developers who design and develop internet web applications and enterprise web applications. If you want to start developing RIA applications in qooxdoo, this book would be a great help to jump start your development. If you are already developing qooxdoo applications, this book will help you to go through the qooxdoo framework quickly to improve your contribution to your project.

This book is also intended for the desktop application developers who want to move into RIA development and develop internet web applications and rich enterprise web applications.

It also provides an idea for the Architects and Lead developers to know about qooxdoo and evaluate the framework.

It helps beginners in qooxdoo to easily set up the development environment and explains the concepts in an order that is easily graspable by beginners.

Book Details

  • Paperback: 420 pages
  • Publisher: Packt Publishing (December 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1849513708
  • ISBN-13: 978-1849513708
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