Professional C++, 2nd Edition

Essential reading for experienced developers who are determined to master the latest release of C++

Although C++ is often the language of choice from game programming to major commercial software applications, it is also one of the most difficult to master. With this no-nonsense book, you will learn to conquer the latest release of C++. The author deciphers little-known features of C++, shares detailed code examples that you can then plug into your own code, and reveals the significant changes to C++ that accompany the latest release. You’ll discover how to design and build applications that solve real-world problems and then implement the solution using the full capabilities of the language.

Appeals to experienced developers who are looking for a higher level of learning

  • Drills down the extensive changes to the latest C++ standard, C++11, including enhancements made to run-time performance, standard library, language usability, and core language
  • Zeroes in on explaining the more poorly understood elements of the C++ feature set and addresses common pitfalls to avoid
  • Includes case studies that feature extensive, working code that has been tested on Windows and Linux platforms
  • Intertwines text with useful tips, tricks, and workarounds

Packed with best practices for programming, testing, and debugging applications, this book is vital for taking your C++ skills to the next level.

From the Back Cover
Master the latest release of the C++ language: C++11

C++ is often the language of choice for writing fast, powerful, and enterprise-class object-oriented programs, be it games or major commercial software applications. However, there’s no two ways around it: C++ can be difficult to master. With this no-nonsense book, you will learn to conquer the latest version of the C++ language: C++11. The authors share real-world examples, decipher little-known features of C++, and reveal the significant changes to C++ that accompany the latest release. Ultimately, you’ll discover programming methodologies, reusable design patterns, and good programming style that will increase the quality of your code and improve your programming efficiency.

Professional C++, 2nd Edition:

  • Offers detailed code examples that you can plug into your own code
  • Takes you on a technical tour of C++ and the STL, and explores the unusual and quirky aspects of this language
  • Exposes best practices for using the more advanced features of C++, including operator overloading, managing memory, writing templates, and writing multithreaded code
  • Discusses techniques for writing cross-language and cross-platform code
  • Teaches you the importance of code reuse as well as the nuances of writing readable C++ code

Table of Contents
Part I: Introduction to Professional C++
Chapter 1. A Crash Course in C++
Chapter 2. Designing Professional C++ Programs
Chapter 3. Designing with Objects
Chapter 4. Designing for Reuse
Chapter 5. Coding with Style

Part II: C++ Coding the Professional Way
Chapter 6. Gaining Proficiency With Classes and Objects
Chapter 7. Mastering Classes and Objects
Chapter 8. Discovering Inheritance Techniques
Chapter 9. Understanding C++ Quirks and Oddities
Chapter 10. Handling Errors
Chapter 11. Delving into the Standard Library
Chapter 12. Understanding Containers and Iterators
Chapter 13. Mastering STL Algorithms
Chapter 14. Using Strings and Regular Expressions
Chapter 15. Demystifying C++ I/O
Chapter 16. Additional Library Utilities
Chapter 17. Customizing and Extending the STL

Part III: Mastering Advanced Features of C++
Chapter 18. Overloading C++ Operators
Chapter 19. Writing Generic Code with Templates
Chapter 20. Advanced Templates
Chapter 21. Effective Memory Management
Chapter 22. Multithreaded Programming with C++

Part IV: C++ Software Engineering
Chapter 23. Maximizing Software Engineering Methods
Chapter 24. Writing Efficient C++
Chapter 25. Developing Cross-Platform and Cross-Language Applications
Chapter 26. Becoming Adept at Testing
Chapter 27. Conquering Debugging
Chapter 28. Incorporating Design Techniques and Frameworks
Chapter 29. Applying Design Patterns

Appendix A. C++ Interviews
Appendix B. Annotated Bibliography
Appendix C. Standard Library Header Files

Book Details

  • Paperback: 1104 pages
  • Publisher: Wrox; 2nd Edition (October 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0470932449
  • ISBN-13: 978-0470932445
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