Pro iOS Apps Performance Optimization

Today’s iPhone and iPad apps developers are often running into the need to refine, improve and optimize their apps performances. As more complex apps can be created, it is even more important for developers to deal with this critical issue.

Pro iOS Apps Performance Tuning and Optimization covers many common but difficult problems when tuning and optimizing performance for iPhone and iPad apps and how to resolve these problems efficiently. This book gives you the following:

  • Basic knowledge on common problems in iPhone apps
  • Advanced knowledge over data structure, algorithms, multithreading, and network data in iPhone apps
  • Comparison with problems and solutions for Android and Windows Phone apps

After reading this must-have book, you’ll be ready to make the most of the processing power of the iPhone with your apps performance optimization know-how.

What you’ll learn

  • Benchmark your apps using emulators and real device tests
  • Increase and optimize UITableView performance in your iOS apps
  • Increase your app performance using image and data caching techniques
  • Tune your apps using algorithms and data structures
  • Improve your parallel data access using multithreading techniques
  • Optimize memory usage for increased battery life and better apps performance
  • Use native C code to address memory leaks or EXEC_BAD_ACCESS

Who this book is for
iOS app developers who have basic knowledge of how to write apps and want to extend their knowledge and skills to write better or optimally-performing apps.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to iOS App Performance
  2. Benchmark Your Apps: Using Simulators, Emulators and Real Device Tests
  3. Increase and Optimize UITableView Performance
  4. Increase App Performance Using Image and Data Caching Techniques
  5. Tune Your Apps Using Algorithms and Data Structures
  6. Improve Parallel Data Access using Multithreading Techniques
  7. Optimize Memory Usage for Increased Battery Life and Better Performance
  8. Integrate Multithreading and Efficient Memory Usage for Multitasking Apps Performance
  9. Use Native C Code to Address Memory Leaks or EXEC_BAD_ACCESS
  10. Comparisons with Android and WinPhone Performance Problems

Book Details

  • Paperback: 284 pages
  • Publisher: Apress (November 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1430237171
  • ISBN-13: 978-1430237174
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