PhoneGap Essentials

PhoneGap is Adobe’s distribution of the free and open source framework (originally developed by Nitobi) that is now also available from the Apache Foundation as Apache Cordova™. Using PhoneGap, developers can build native mobile apps using standard HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS, and then deploy those apps to every leading mobile platform with little or no recoding. Up to now, though, PhoneGap was lacking complete, practical documentation. PhoneGap Essentials fills that void: It’s the first concise, yet complete, tutorial for succeeding with PhoneGap in real-world development.

Experienced mobile developer John M. Wargo thoroughly introduces the PhoneGap platform, explaining what it is, what it does, and how it works. He then guides you through configuring PhoneGap environments—creating complete mobile apps—and building them for the Google Android™, Samsung bada, BlackBerry® devices, Apple® iOS, Symbian™ OS, and Windows® Phone. Through realistic examples, you’ll master key PhoneGap APIs for everything from GPS to the file system, contacts to camera, device to events, and more. Wargo also demonstrates how to take full advantage of PhoneGap Build, PhoneGap’s cloud-based packaging utility.

Coverage includes:

  • The anatomy of a PhoneGap application (what makes an application a PhoneGap application)
  • Understanding the impact of cross-platform development issues
  • Exploring the entire PhoneGap development process, including testing and debugging
  • Expanding PhoneGap’s capabilities with third-party development tools and plug-ins
  • Building cross-platform apps that use the device camera, compass, accelerometer, and other hardware
  • Reading from and writing to the contacts database and the device file system
  • Installing tools needed to develop PhoneGap apps for Android, bada, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian, and Windows Phone
  • Reacting to events and notifying users
  • Using the Media API to record and play media files
  • Building for multiple platforms simultaneously using PhoneGap Build

Downloadable code projects, additional information, and errata are available at

Table of Contents
Part I: PhoneGap
Chapter 1. Introduction to PhoneGap
Chapter 2. PhoneGap Development, Testing, and Debugging

Part II: PhoneGap Developer Tools
Chapter 3. Configuring an Android Development Environment for PhoneGap
Chapter 4. Configuring a bada Development Environment for PhoneGap
Chapter 5. Configuring a BlackBerry Development Environment for PhoneGap
Chapter 6. Configuring an iOS Development Environment for PhoneGap
Chapter 7. Configuring a Symbian Development Environment for PhoneGap
Chapter 8. Configuring a Windows Phone Development Environment for PhoneGap
Chapter 9. Using PhoneGap Build

Part III: PhoneGap APIs
Chapter 10. Accelerometer
Chapter 11. Camera
Chapter 12. Capture
Chapter 13. Compass
Chapter 15. Contacts
Chapter 16. Device
Chapter 17. Events
Chapter 18. File
Chapter 19. Geolocation
Chapter 20. Media
Chapter 21. Notification
Chapter 22. Storage

Appendix A. Installing the PhoneGap Files
Appendix B. Installing the Oracle Java Developer Kit
Appendix C. Installing Apache Ant

Book Details

  • Paperback: 384 pages
  • Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional (June 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0321814290
  • ISBN-13: 978-0321814296
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