Object-Oriented Programming in C++, 4th Edition

Object-Oriented Programming in C++ begins with the basic principles of the C++ programming language and systematically introduces increasingly advanced topics while illustrating the OOP methodology. While the structure of this book is similar to that of the previous edition, each chapter reflects the latest ANSI C++ standard and the examples have been thoroughly revised to reflect current practices and standards.

Table of Contents
A Note to Teachers

Chapter 1. The Big Picture
Chapter 2. C++ Programming Basics
Chapter 3. Loops and Decisions
Chapter 4. Structures
Chapter 5. Functions
Chapter 6. Objects and Classes
Chapter 7. Arrays and Strings
Chapter 8. Operator Overloading
Chapter 9. Inheritance
Chapter 10. Pointers
Chapter 11. Virtual Functions and Other Subtleties
Chapter 12. Streams and Files
Chapter 13. Multifile Programs
Chapter 14. Templates and Exceptions
Chapter 15. The Standard Template Library
Chapter 16. Object-Oriented Software Development

Appendix A: ASCII Table
Appendix B: Standard C++ Keywords
Appendix C: Microsoft Visual C++
Appendix D: Borland C++ Builder
Appendix E: Console Graphics Lite
Appendix F: STL Algorithms and Member Functions
Appendix G: Answers to Questions and Exercises

Book Details

  • Paperback: 1040 pages
  • Publisher: Sams; 4th Edition (December 2001)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0672323087
  • ISBN-13: 978-0672323089
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