Microsoft Expression Web 4 In Depth, 2nd Edition

Microsoft Expression Web 4 In Depth: Updated for Service Pack 2 – HTML 5, CSS 3, JQuery, 2nd Edition

Do more with Microsoft Expression Web 4 SP2—in less time!

This is the world’s most expert, complete, and practical guide to succeeding with Expression Web 4 SP2! Microsoft insider Jim Cheshire presents today’s best solutions for everything you need to do with Expression Web 4 SP2 and its brand-new HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery tools!. Create, edit, and manage content… implement leading-edge designs… integrate dynamic content… add powerful features with no custom coding… leverage SP2’s latest time-saving features…do the job right, and do it fast!

  • “In the trenches” solutions, big-picture insights, real examples, time-saving shortcuts
  • Boost productivity with custom workspaces, Snapshot & Snippet panels, Universal
    Commenting, and other SP2 improvements
  • Optimize every phase of development, from site creation through reporting
  • Use Expression Web 4 features together to solve real web design problems
    and achieve real business goals
  • Build HTML5/CSS3 standards-compliant sites that work properly in any modern browser
  • Learn high-efficiency techniques for using tables, forms, and QuickTags
  • Add more dynamic, interactive content with Behaviors and Layers
  • Differentiate your site with dynamic components and client-side JavaScript
  • Use ASP.NET’s simple tools to display, edit, and manage data without custom code
  • Develop accessible, Section 508- or WCAG-compliant sites
  • Efficiently test sites and apps with SP2’s enhanced SuperPreview and remote browsing
  • Easily password-protect content with ASP.NET Login controls and membership features
  • Leverage Expression Web’s updated PHP 5.3 support, including module IntelliSense
    and “Open as PHP”
  • Efficiently troubleshoot any site development problem

Table of Contents
I. An Overview
1. An Overview of Expression Web 4

II. Creating Content in Expression Web 4
2. Creating, Opening, and Importing Sites
3. Creating Pages and Basic Page Editing
4. Using Page Views
5. Using Tables
6. Using Frames
7. Editing Tag Properties
8. Using the Quick Tag Tools
9. Using Graphics and Multimedia
10. Using Find and Replace
11. Configuring Page Editor Options
12. Maintaining Compatibility and Accessibility
13. Using SuperPreview

III. Publishing and Managing Websites
14. Publishing a Site
15. Site Management and Reporting
16. Using Personal Web Packages

IV. Using CSS in Expression Web 4
17. Creating Style Sheets
18. Managing CSS Styles

V. Scripting, DHTML, and Other Dynamic Content
19. Using Dynamic Web Templates
20. Using Interactive Buttons
21. Using Behaviors
22. Client Scripting
23. Using Layers
24. Using Form Controls

VI. ASP.NET and PHP Development
25. Using Standard ASP.NET Controls
26. Using ASP.NET Navigation Controls
27. Using ASP.NET Master Pages and User Controls
28. Developing a Login System Using ASP.NET
29. Form Validation Using ASP.NET
30. Using ASP.NET Web Parts
31. Using ASP.NET Ajax
32. Using PHP
33. Using the Microsoft Expression Development Server

VII. Managing Data with ASP.NET
34. Displaying and Editing Database Data with ASP.NET
35. Sending Email Using ASP.NET

VIII. Creating Add-Ins Using JavaScript and HTML (Online Only)
36. Expression Web 4 Add-in Basics
37. Creating and Manipulating an Add-in User Interface
38. Packaging, Testing, and Debugging Add-ins
39. Expression Web 4 JavaScript API Reference

Book Details

  • Paperback: 648 pages
  • Publisher: Que; 2nd Edition (July 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 078974919X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0789749192
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