JUNOS OS For Dummies, 2nd Edition

Learn to use JUNOS to make your network reliable!

Providing network administrators with a reliable network operating system, JUNOS software is an award-winning network operating system that focuses on security and the avoidance of down time. This easy-to-understand book starts with the basics of JUNOS and walks you through its features so that you can quickly learn how to set up, operate, and add key services.

Since the various JUNOS features are constantly being updated to provide your network with the best security possible, this new edition shares must-know information, helpful advice, handy tips, and essential cautions for working with JUNOS. Plus, you’ll find out how to set up a routing protocol that automates configuration of routing tables for greater efficiency and how you can set up individual or group user accounts locally on the route, or on remote centralized authentication servers.

  • Starts with the basics and introduces you to JUNOS
  • Explains how to connect, manage, and troubleshoot routers and other Juniper appliances
  • Offers tips for making your network more efficient and reveals essential cautions
  • Walks you through setting up, operating, and adding key services
  • Details ways to configure JUNOS default security features as well as restricted physical access to protect routers
  • Breaks down advanced concepts into easy-to-understand segments so you can build your knowledge gradually

This new edition gets you started using the sophisticated features and techniques of JUNOS today.

From the Back Cover
Here’s just what you need to get your network running smoothly and securely on Junos

As a network operating system, Junos is all about keeping your network secure and avoiding downtime. This book is all about how Junos works, how to configure it and add key services, and how to connect, manage, and troubleshoot routers and other Juniper appliances. It even shows you how to enhance security and make your network more efficient.

  • Jump right in — explore the Junos CLI and work with the operational and configuration modes
  • The great migration — see how to migrate your LAN, IGP, and security policies from IOS
  • Get serious about security — explore the default security features in Junos, monitor who’s logged on, and don’t forget physical security
  • Make the network hum — work with the Border Gateway Patrol, enable Class of Service, and know when to use Multi Protocol Level Switching
  • Keep it out of trouble — monitor network operations so you can identify and fix problems when they arise

Open the book and find:

  • How to set up Junos devices
  • The ten most-used Junoscommands
  • How to save time with J-Web
  • Suggestions for effective monitoring methods
  • How to deploy a router, an EX switch, and an SRX
  • Ways that Junos can help secure your network
  • How to construct routing policies
  • Ten tips for migrating from another network OS

“Mike, Cathy, and Walter have managed to synthesize the key principles that are fundamental to the One Junos concept of running and operating Juniper Network devices with a single, unified, robust, and operator-friendly operating system. If you want to know something about the network OS that is driving the New Network, start here.”
—Michel Langlois, Senior Vice President, Junos Software, Juniper Networks

Learn to:

  • Work with the Junos network operating system
  • Set up and configure a Juniper Networks device and add security
  • Connect, manage, and troubleshoot routers and other Juniper appliances
  • Make your network more efficient

Book Details

  • Paperback: 408 pages
  • Publisher: For Dummies; 2nd Edition (October 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0470891890
  • ISBN-13: 978-0470891896
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