iOS Components and Frameworks

Take Your Next Leap Forward as an iOS App Developer! Covers iOS 7 and Xcode 5

iOS Components and Frameworks will help you leverage iOS’s powerful components and frameworks to build apps with outstanding performance, reliability, interactivity, media support, and customization.

Pioneering iOS developers Kyle Richter and Joe Keeley illuminate the sophisticated intermediate-to-advancedlevel techniques you’re now ready for. You’ll find example-rich coverage of topics ranging from social support to security, Core Data, TextKit, iCloud support, UIKit Dynamics, MapKit, and Passbook. There’s also a complete section on advanced performance and security, including the effective use of Grand Central Dispatch and Keychain.

Each chapter contains a complete sample project that walks you through integrating its technology into a typical iOS app. You’ll discover how multiple iOS features can be combined into exceptionally powerful apps and walk through a complete case study project: a fully functional game with complete Game Center integration.

Coverage includes:

  • New physics-based animation effects provided by UIKit Dynamics
  • Making the most of Core Location, MapKit, and Geofencing
  • Leveraging Game Center features such as Leader Boards and Achievements
  • Giving users access to their address and media libraries from within your app
  • Using lightweight JSON to move data among servers, apps, and websites
  • Syncing apps via iCloud using UIDocument and key-value store syncing
  • Securing user data with Keychain
  • Informing users of important app-related events via Notifications
  • Storing and retrieving persistent data locally with Core Data
  • Using advanced Objective-C features to write more manageable, concise apps
  • Improving responsiveness through concurrency with Grand Central Dispatch
  • Advanced text handling and display with TextKit
  • Smoothly handling complex and continuous gestures
  • Effective debugging techniques with Xcode 5 and Instruments
  • Building passes for Passbook and PassKit

If you’re a serious iOS developer who wants to build cutting-edge apps, iOS Components and Frameworks delivers the practical skills, reusable code, and expert insights you’re looking for.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1. UIKit Dynamics
Chapter 2. Core Location, MapKit, and Geofencing
Chapter 3. Leaderboards
Chapter 4. Achievements
Chapter 5. Getting Started with Address Book
Chapter 6. Working with Music Libraries
Chapter 7. Working with and Parsing JSON
Chapter 8. Getting Started with iCloud
Chapter 9. Notifications
Chapter 10. Bluetooth Networking with Game Kit
Chapter 11. AirPrint
Chapter 12. Core Data Primer
Chapter 13. Getting Up and Running with Core Data
Chapter 14. Language Features
Chapter 15. Integrating Twitter and Facebook Using Social Framework
Chapter 16. Working with Background Tasks
Chapter 17. Grand Central Dispatch for Performance
Chapter 18. Using Keychain to Secure Data
Chapter 19. Working with Images and Filters
Chapter 20. Collection Views
Chapter 21. Introduction to TextKit
Chapter 22. Gesture Recognizers
Chapter 23. Accessing Photo Libraries
Chapter 24. Passbook and PassKit
Chapter 25. Debugging and Instruments

Book Details

  • Paperback: 576 pages
  • Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional (November 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0321856716
  • ISBN-13: 978-0321856715
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