Handbook of Semantic Web Technologies

After years of mostly theoretical research, Semantic Web Technologies are now reaching out into application areas like bioinformatics, eCommerce, eGovernment, or Social Webs. Applications like genomic ontologies, semantic web services, automated catalogue alignment, ontology matching, or blogs and social networks are constantly increasing, often driven or at least backed up by companies like Google, Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and others. The need to leverage the potential of combining information in a meaningful way in order to be able to benefit from the Web will create further demand for and interest in Semantic Web research.

This movement, based on the growing maturity of related research results, necessitates a reliable reference source from which beginners to the field can draw a first basic knowledge of the main underlying technologies as well as state-of-the-art application areas. This handbook, put together by three leading authorities in the field, and supported by an advisory board of highly reputed researchers, fulfils exactly this need. It is the first dedicated reference work in this field, collecting contributions about both the technical foundations of the Semantic Web as well as their main usage in other scientific fields like life sciences, engineering, business, or education.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to the Semantic Web Technologies by Domingue, John; Fensel, Dieter; Hendler, James A.
  • Semantic Web Architecture by Harth, Andreas; Janik, Maciej; Staab, Steffen
  • Semantic Annotations and Retrieval: Manual, Semi-automatic and Automatic Generation by Bontcheva, Kalina; Cunningham, Hamish
  • Semantic Annotation and Retrieval: RDF by Gandon, Fabien; Han, Sung-kook; Krummenacher, Reto; Toma, Ioan
  • Semantic Annotation and Retrieval: Web of hypertext: RDFa and Microformats by Adida, Ben; Herman, Ivan; Birbeck, Mark
  • Semantic Annotation and Retrieval: Web of Data by Heath, Tom; Bizer, Chris
  • Storing the Semantic Web: Repositories by Kiryakov, Atanas; Damova, Mariana
  • Querying the Semantic Web: SPARQL by Della Valle, Emanuele; Ceri, Stefano
  • Knowledge Representation and Reasoning on the Semantic Web: OWL by Horrocks, Ian; Patel-Schneider, Peter F.
  • Knowledge Representation and Reasoning on the Semantic Web: RIF by Kifer, Michael
  • Knowledge Representation and Reasoning on the Semantic Web: Web-scale Reasoning by Kotoulas, Spyros; van Harmelen, Frank
  • Social Semantic Web by Breslin, John; Passant, Alexandre; Vrandecic, Denny
  • Ontologies and the Semantic Web by Abecker, Andreas; Grimm, Stephan; Studer, Rudi; Völker, Johanna
  • Future Trends by Nixon, Lyndon; Volz, Raphael; Ciravegna, Fabio; Studer, Rudi
  • Semantic Technology Adoption: A Business Perspective by Benjamins, Richard; Greaves, Mark; Radoff, Mark; Davis, Mike; Lockwood, Rose; Contreras, Jesus
  • Semantic Web Search Engines by d’Aquin, Mathieu; Ding, Li; Motta, Enrico
  • eScience by Zhao, Jun; Goble, Carole; de Roure, Dave; Corcho, Oscar; Missier, Paolo; Belhajjame, Khalid; Newmann, David
  • Knowledge Management in Large Organizations by Davies, John; Warren, Paul
  • eBusiness by Grün, Christoph; Werthner, Hannes; Huemer, Christian; Liegl, Philipp; Mayrhofer, Dieter; Schuster, Rainer; Zapletal, Marco; Motal, Thomas
  • eGovernment by Shadbolt, Nigel; O’Hara, Kieron; Salvadores, Manuel; Alani, Harith
  • Multimedia, Broadcasting and eCulture by Nixon, Lyndon; Troncy, Raphaël; Kompatsiaris, Yiannis; Dasiopoulou, Stamatia; Hyvönen, Euro; Evain, Jean-Pierre
  • Semantic Web Services by Pedrinaci, Carlos; Sheth, Amit; Domingue, John
  • Glossary; Index.

Book Details

  • Hardcover: 1076 pages
  • Publisher: Springer (June 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 3540929126
  • ISBN-13: 978-3540929123
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