Ext GWT 2.0: Beginner’s Guide

Ext GWT, also known as GXT, takes Google Web Toolkit one step further by providing a wide range of powerful user interface components. It allows a developer to create powerful web applications that are almost like desktop applications. However to leverage all the features of this powerful Java library for creating desktop-style web applications, you need to learn how and when to use the right user interface component.

Ext GWT 2.0: Beginner’s Guide is a practical book that teaches you how to use the EXT GWT library to its full potential. It provides a thorough and no-nonsense explanation of the Ext GWT library, what it offers and how to use it through practical examples. This book provides clear, step-by-step instructions for getting the most out of Ext GWT and offers practical examples and techniques that can be used for building your own applications in EXT GWT.

This book gets you up and running instantly to build powerful Rich Internet Applications (RIA) with Ext GWT. It then takes you through all the interface-building widgets and components of Ext GWT using practical examples to demonstrate when, where, and how to use each of them. Layouts, forms, panels, grids, trees, toolbars, menus, and many other components are covered in the many examples packed in this book. You will also learn to present your data in a better way with templates and use some of the most sought-after features of Ext GWT in your web applications such as drag-and-drop and charts. Throughout the book a real application is built step by step using Ext GWT and deployed to Google App Engine.

Imagine how great you’ll feel when you’re able to create great-looking desktop-style user interfaces for your web applications with Ext GWT!

A comprehensive beginner’s guide to building powerful rich internet applications using the Ext GWT library.

What you will learn from this book

  • Get a development environment up and running quickly
  • Understand the working of Ext GWT and avoid common pitfalls
  • Make web applications behave like desktop applications by using the many UI widgets of Ext GWT
  • Design powerful, flexible forms to capture data
  • Easily load and manipulate data in the browser from multiple sources
  • Present information elegantly using templates
  • Structure larger applications using the Model-View-Controller pattern to ensure that different components are independent of each other
  • Create intuitive interfaces using drag and drop: a feature usually found only in desktop applications
  • Display plenty of information in a very simple way with the wide range of charts available in EXT GWT
  • Deploy applications to the world using Google App Engine

This is a hands-on beginner’s guide that builds a complete Ext GWT application through the book visiting a new set of features in each chapter. You will learn the entire range of features available in the Ext GWT library. At every point you will be given practical examples and techniques that can easily be adapted for your own applications.

Who this book is written for
If you are a Java developer aspiring to build intuitive web applications with Ext GWT, then this book is for you. It assumes that you are familiar with HTML and CSS. Developers who wish to add an RIA look to their existing GWT applications with Ext GWT will find this book extremely useful.

Book Details

  • Paperback: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Packt Publishing (December, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1849511845
  • ISBN-13: 978-1849511841
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