CUDA Programming

If you need to learn CUDA but don’t have experience with parallel computing, CUDA Programming: A Developer’s Introduction offers a detailed guide to CUDA with a grounding in parallel fundamentals. It starts by introducing CUDA and bringing you up to speed on GPU parallelism and hardware, then delving into CUDA installation. Chapters on core concepts including threads, blocks, grids, and memory focus on both parallel and CUDA-specific issues. Later, the book demonstrates CUDA in practice for optimizing applications, adjusting to new hardware, and solving common problems.

  • Comprehensive introduction to parallel programming with CUDA, for readers new to both
  • Detailed instructions help readers optimize the CUDA software development kit
  • Practical techniques illustrate working with memory, threads, algorithms, resources, and more
  • Covers CUDA on multiple hardware platforms: Mac, Linux and Windows with several NVIDIA chipsets
  • Each chapter includes exercises to test reader knowledge

Table of Contents
Chapter 1. A Short History of Supercomputing
Chapter 2. Understanding Parallelism with GPUs
Chapter 3. CUDA Hardware Overview
Chapter 4. Setting Up CUDA
Chapter 5. Grids, Blocks, and Threads
Chapter 6. Memory Handling with CUDA
Chapter 7. Using CUDA in Practice
Chapter 8. Multi-CPU and Multi-GPU Solutions
Chapter 9. Optimizing Your Application
Chapter 10. Libraries and SDK
Chapter 11. Designing GPU-Based Systems
Chapter 12. Common Problems, Causes, and Solutions

Book Details

  • Paperback: 600 pages
  • Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann (November 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0124159338
  • ISBN-13: 978-0124159334
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