C++ Programming: Program Design Including Data Structures, 5th Edition

C++ Programming: Program Design Including Data Structures remains the definitive text for the CS1/CS1 course sequence. In this new fifth edition, D.S. Malik continues to employ his student-focused, example-based methodology to teach C++ Programming to introductory computing students. Changes to this edition include new debugging sections in each chapter and a multitude of new and updated exercises. All syntax is explained thoroughly and reinforced through extensive examples and diagrams, and each chapter is full of helpful self-study tools such as complete programming examples. C++ Programming: Program Design Including Data Structures will motivate to students to understand the “why?” behind key C++ concepts.

  • Intended for a two-semester CS1/CS2 sequence, beginning with introductory topics and moving into data structures later in the text.
  • Programming examples accurately outline the concrete stages of Input, Output, Problem Analysis, and Algorithm Design, and include a Complete Program Listing.
  • A full-color interior displays precise C++ code and comments.
  • More than 300 visual diagrams illuminate difficult concepts.
  • Numbered examples throughout every chapter illustrate key topics with their relevant code, and are followed by a Sample Run and explanation.

Table of Contents
1. An Overview of Computers and Programming Languages.
2. Basic Elements of C++.
3. Input/Output.
4. Control Structures I (Selection).
5. Control Structures II (Repetition).
6. User-Defined Function I.
7. User-Defined Functions II.
8. User-Defined Simple Data Types, Namespaces, and the string Type.
9. Arrays and Strings.
10. Records (structs).
11. Classes and Data Abstraction.
12. Inheritance and Composition.
13. Pointers, Classes, Virtual Functions, Abstract Classes, and Lists.
14. Overloading and Templates.
15. Exception Handling.
16. Recursion.
17. Linked Lists.
18. Stacks and Queues.
19. Searching and Sorting Algorithms.
20. Binary Trees.
21. Graphs.
22. Standard Template Library.

A. Reserved Words.
B. Operator Precedence.
C. Character Sets.
D. Operator Overloading
E. Additional C++ Topics.
F. Header Files.
G. Memory Size on a System and Random Number Generators.
H. References
I. Answers to Odd-Numbered Exercises.

Book Details

  • Paperback: 1575 pages
  • Publisher: Course Technology; 5th Edition (April 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0538798092
  • ISBN-13: 978-0538798099
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