Core Python Applications Programming, 3rd Edition

The Complete Developer’s Guide to Python

Python is an agile, robust, and expressive programming language that continues to build momentum. It combines the power of compiled languages with the simplicity and rapid development of scripting languages. In Core Python Applications Programming, Third Edition, leading Python developer and corporate trainer Wesley Chun helps you take your Python knowledge to the next level.

This book has everything you need to become a versatile Python developer. You will be introduced to multiple areas of application development and gain knowledge that can be immediately applied to projects, and you will find code samples in both Python 2 and 3, including migration tips if that’s on your roadmap too. Some snippets will even run unmodified on 2.x or 3.x.

  • Learn professional Python style, best practices, and good programming habits
  • Build clients and servers using TCP, UDP, XML-RPC, and be exposed to higher-level libraries like SocketServer and Twisted
  • Develop GUI applications using Tkinter and other available toolkits
  • Improve application performance by writing extensions in C/C++, or enhance I/O-bound code with multithreading
  • Discover SQL and relational databases, ORMs, and even non-relational (NonSQL) databases like MongoDB
  • Learn the basics of Web programming, including Web clients and servers, plus CGI and WSGI
  • Expose yourself to regular expressions and powerful text processing tools for creating and parsing CSV, JSON, and XML data
  • Interface with popular Microsoft Office applications such as Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook using COM client programming
  • Dive deeper into Web development with the Django framework and cloud computing with Google App Engine
  • Explore Java programming with Jython, the way to run Python code on the JVM
  • Connect to Web services Yahoo! Finance to get stock quotes, or Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, and others to download or send e-mail
  • Jump into the social media craze by learning how to connect to the Twitter and Google+ networks

Core Python Applications Programming, Third Edition, delivers

  • Broad coverage of a variety of areas of development used in real-world applications today
  • Powerful insights into current and best practices for the intermediate Python programmer
  • Dozens of code examples, from quick snippets to full-fledged applications
  • A variety of exercises at the end of every chapter to help hammer the concepts home

Table of Contents
Part I: General Application Topics
Chapter 1: Regular Expressions
Chapter 2: Network Programming
Chapter 3: Internet Client Programming
Chapter 4: Multithreaded Programming
Chapter 5: GUI Programming
Chapter 6: Database Programming
Chapter 7: Programming Microsoft Office
Chapter 8: Extending Python

Part II: Web Development
Chapter 9: Web Clients and Servers
Chapter 10: Web Programming: CGI and WSGI
Chapter 11: Web Frameworks: Django
Chapter 12: Cloud Computing: Google App Engine
Chapter 13: Web Services

Part III: Supplemental/Experimental
Chapter 14: Text Processing
Chapter 15: Miscellaneous

Appendix A. Answers to Selected Exercises
Appendix B. Reference Tables
Appendix C. Python 3: The Evolution of a Programming Language
Appendix D. Python 3 Migration with 2.6+

Book Details

  • Paperback: 888 pages
  • Publisher: Prentice Hall; 3rd Edition (March 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0132678209
  • ISBN-13: 978-0132678209
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