Beginning Windows 8 Application Development

Learn to use exciting new development tools and create applications for Windows 8

If you’re a beginning developer, there’s no better place to get up to speed on the Windows 8 SDK than this Wrox guide. A team of Microsoft experts provides a complete course in Windows 8 programming, helping you take full advantage of the innovative new SDK. Written in an easy-to-read style, this book is packed with reusable examples that showcase the endless possibilities of the Windows SDK and also introduces the new Windows 8 app store.

It explains how to set up the development environment and covers user interface design, using special effects and graphics, working with C# and C++, and much more.

  • Provides a complete introduction to the Windows SDK and Windows 8, starting with setting up the development environment and building your first application
  • Covers user interface design, touch- and event-driven design elements, leveraging windows-based services, and offline application development with HTML 5
  • Explores creating C# applications for the Windows 8 system, XNA 4 and Silverlight 5 considerations, and the role of C++
  • Shows how to debug, certify and deploy your applications
  • Introduces the new Windows 8 app store and offers advice on marketing your apps

Beginning Windows 8 Application Development is perfect for anyone who’s ready to get started developing apps for the exciting new Windows 8 OS.

From the Back Cover
Start developing and selling the coolest apps using the latest Windows® SDK

If you’re a beginning developer, there’s no better place to get up to speed on the Windows 8 SDK than this guide. A team of Microsoft experts walks you through the new, easy-to-understand, and inexpensive process for creating, deploying, marketing, and selling your own applications. They detail the ways in which the new Microsoft operating system now caters to Windows 8 style applications, and they highlight the exciting possibilities that Windows 8 style apps provide for traditional PCs, as well as a variety of newer devices. You’ll quickly discover how to build your app from start to finish with the help of comprehensive samples and expert tips so that, in no time, you’ll be taking full advantage of the SDK.

Beginning Windows 8 Application Development:

  • Introduces you to the tools required to develop Windows 8 style applications
  • Familiarizes you with standards, templates, and developer tools
  • Discusses how HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript® can be used to develop desktop applications with Windows Runtime
  • Explains how to leverage the tablet form factor and build location-aware apps
  • Explores deploying applications to the Windows Store, while providing an overview of the app certification and publishing processs

Table of Contents
Part I: Introduction to Windows 8 Application Development
Chapter 1. A Brief History of Windows Application Development
Chapter 2. Using Windows 8
Chapter 3. Windows 8 Architecture from a Developer’s Point of View
Chapter 4. Getting to Know Your Development Environment

Part II: Creating Windows 8 Applications
Chapter 5. Principles of Modern Windows Application Development
Chapter 6. Creating Windows 8 Style Applications with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript
Chapter 7. Using XAML to Create Windows 8 Style User Interfaces
Chapter 8. Working with XAML Controls
Chapter 9. Building Windows 8 Style Applications
Chapter 10. Creating Multi-Page Applications
Chapter 11. Building Connected Applications
Chapter 12. Leveraging Tablet Features

Part III: Advancing to Professional Windows 8 Development
Chapter 13. Creating Windows 8 Style Applications with C++
Chapter 14. Advanced Programming Concepts
Chapter 15. Testing and Debugging Windows 8 Applications
Chapter 16. Introducing the Windows Store

Part IV: Appendices
appendix A. Answers to Exercises
Appendix B. Useful Links

Book Details

  • Paperback: 624 pages
  • Publisher: Wrox (October 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1118012682
  • ISBN-13: 978-1118012680
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