3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development, 2nd Edition

This engaging book presents the essential mathematics needed to describe, simulate, and render a 3D world. Reflecting both academic and in-the-trenches practical experience, the authors teach you how to describe objects and their positions, orientations, and trajectories in 3D using mathematics. The text provides an introduction to mathematics for game designers, including the fundamentals of coordinate spaces, vectors, and matrices. It also covers orientation in three dimensions, calculus and dynamics, graphics, and parametric curves.

  • Contains numerous C++ and HLSL examples that illustrate how to put the techniques into practice
  • Provides hundreds of worked problems that reinforce the basic concepts and explore interesting side quests
  • Includes expanded, graceful introductions to the mathematics fundamental to game development
  • Covers two important application areas—graphics and physics—in introductory ove

“With solid theory and references, along with practical advice borne from decades of experience, all presented in an informal and demystifying style, Dunn & Parberry provide an accessible and useful approach to the key mathematical operations needed in 3D computer graphics.”
—Eric Haines, author of Real-Time Rendering

“The book describes the mathematics involved in game development in a very clear and easy to understand way, layered on the practical background of years of game engine programming experience.”
—Wolfgang Engel, editor of GPU Pro

Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Cartesian Coordinate Systems
Chapter 2. Vectors
Chapter 3. Multiple Coordinate Spaces
Chapter 4. Introduction to Matrices
Chapter 5. Matrices and Linear Transformations
Chapter 6. More on Matrices
Chapter 7. Polar Coordinate Systems
Chapter 8. Rotation in Three Dimensions
Chapter 9. Geometric Primitives
Chapter 10. Mathematical Topics from 3D Graphics
Chapter 11. Mechanics 1
Chapter 12. Mechanics 2
Chapter 13. Curves in 3D
Chapter 14. Afterword

Appendix A. Geometric Tests
Appendix B. Answers to the Exercises


Book Details

  • Hardcover: 846 pages
  • Publisher: A K Peters/CRC Press; 2nd Edition (November 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1568817231
  • ISBN-13: 978-1568817231
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