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Instant Moodle Quiz Module How-to 0

Instant Moodle Quiz Module How-to

Enhancing learning experience and improving student success has many instructors searching for effective tools. Moodle Quiz is just such a tool to aid instructors in creating powerful assessment experiences for their learners. “Instant Moodle Quiz Module...

Moodle Gradebook 0

Moodle Gradebook

Moodle, as a learning management system, is used to provide resources, interactive activities and assessments to students. Through the use of the gradebook, Moodle can also be used to store grades, calculate final marks and track...

Moodle 2 Administration 0

Moodle 2 Administration

Moodle has evolved from an academic project to the world’s most popular virtual learning environment. During this evolution, its complexity has risen dramatically and so have the skills that are required to administer the system. Moodle...

Moodle For Dummies 0

Moodle For Dummies

The fun and friendly guide to the world’s most popular online learning management system Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment, also known as Moodle, is an online learning management system that creates opportunities for rich interaction...