Making Computerized Provider Order Entry Work

Making Computerized Provider Order Entry Work is neither a scientific reference guide into medical informatics nor a book on theory or a summary of research studies in the field, but rather it is a practical guide to visioning and executing successful automation of physician workflow in the hospital environment. This adaptation of workflow is the work of a team, with leadership, clear vision, dedication, commitment, external drivers, experience, and the tireless work of those before us in this industry, who have paved the way with both successes and failure.

Throughout the book, the author shares hard lessons-learned and guides the reader through the early warning signs that will help avoid the pitfalls. As systems progress, and the regulatory environments change, there will be new challenges and opportunities that will confront those setting up automated physician workflows. However, this book highlights and discusses all of the principles involved such as vision, leadership, project management and change management, which will always need to be incorporated to ensure project success. As such this book will be an important reference for anyone involved in the setting up or use of such systems from the physicians and medical professionals themselves through the medical informaticist to health system executives and other decision makers.

  • A comprehensive, practical guide to Computerized Provider Order Entry
  • Provide a concise guide to help both new and experienced health informatics teams successfully plan and implement CPOE
  • Draws on the author’s decade-long experiences of implementing CPOE at a variety of academic, pediatric and community hospitals across the United States

Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Foreword
Chapter 2. Introduction
Chapter 3. Why the Concern for CPOE Now?
Chapter 4. Vision: How You Start
Chapter 5. Leadership and Governance
Chapter 6. Project Management
Chapter 7. Change Management
Chapter 8. Building Momentum
Chapter 9. Avoiding Common Pitfalls along the Way
Chapter 10. Implementation
Chapter 11. Stabilization and Optimization
Chapter 12. Putting It All Together
Chapter 13. Appendix A Sample Forms and Other Tools
Chapter 14. Glossary
Chapter 15. Bibliography/Suggested Readings

Book Details

  • Hardcover: 213 pages
  • Publisher: Springer (September 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 144714242X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1447142423
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