Ivor Horton’s Beginning Java, Java 7 Edition

Find out why thousands have turned to Ivor Horton for learning Java

Ivor Horton’s approach is teaching Java is so effective and popular that he is one of the leading authors of introductory programming tutorials, with over 160,000 copies of his Java books sold. In this latest edition, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced programmer switching to Java, you’ll learn how to build real-world Java applications using Java SE 7. The author thoroughly covers the basics as well as new features such as extensions and classes; extended coverage of the Swing Application Framework; and he does it all in his unique, highly accessible style that beginners love.

  • Provides a thorough introduction to the latest version of the Java programming language, Java SE 7
  • Introduces you to a host of new features for both novices and experienced programmers
  • Covers the basics as well as new language extensions and classes and class methods
  • Guides you through the Swing Application Framework for creating Swing apps
  • Uses numerous step-by-step programming examples to guide you through the development process

There’s no better way to get thoroughly up to speed on the latest version of Java than with Ivor Horton’s latest, comprehensive guide.

From the Back Cover
The most thorough and accessible introduction to the Java language

Whether you want to learn Java to write customized applets to embed in your web pages or large-scale applications, this is the book for you. Ivor Horton’s comprehensive and easy-to-use tutorial guide provides you with the essential know-how for developing programs using the latest Java Development Kit 7 (JDK 7). It integrates step-by-step examples with clear explanations of key concepts to clearly show you the ins and outs of Java development. As you progress through the chapters, you’ll gain invaluable programming experience that will enable you to begin writing fully featured, real-world Java programs.

Ivor Horton’s Beginning Java:

  • Covers the main terms and concepts that are essential to programming in Java
  • Explains what the language elements do and how you can effectively apply them in practice
  • Provides an extensive introduction to the key packages in the Java class library illustrated with full working examples
  • Walks you through building a robust application to give you a better understanding of how to apply Java in practical projects
  • Explores the XML and XSLT capability that comes with the JDK

Book Details

  • Paperback: 1152 pages
  • Publisher: Wrox; Java 7 Edition (September 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0470404140
  • ISBN-13: 978-0470404140
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