Build Your Own Website The Right Way Using HTML & CSS, 3rd Edition

With over 60,000 copies sold since its first edition, this SitePoint best-seller has just had a fresh update to include recent advances in the web industry.

With the first two editions coming highly recommended by established, leading web designers and developers, the third edition with all its extra goodies will continue that trend. Also fully updated to include the latest operating systems, web browsers and providing fixes to issues that have cropped up since the last edition.

Readers will learn to:

  • Style text and control your page layout with CSS
  • Create and Optimize graphics for the Web
  • Add interactivity to your sites with forms
  • Include a custom search, contact us page, and a News/Events section on your site
  • Track visitors with Google Analytics
  • Extend your reach and connect your site with Social Media
  • Use HTML5 & CSS3 to add some cool, polished features to your site
  • Use diagnosis/debug tools to find any problems

And lots more.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Setting Up Shop
Chapter 2. Your First Web Pages
Chapter 3. Adding Some Style
Chapter 4. Shaping Up Using CSS
Chapter 5. Picture This! Using Images on Your Website
Chapter 6. Tables: Tools for Organizing Data
Chapter 7. Forms: Interacting with Your Audience
Chapter 8. Interacting with Social Media
Chapter 9. Launching Your Website
Chapter 10. Enhancing the Site with HTML5 and CSS3
Chapter 11. Adding Interactivity with jQuery
Chapter 12. What to Do When Things Go Wrong
Chapter 13. Pimp My Site: Cool Stuff You Can Add for Free
Chapter 14. Where to Now? What You Could Learn Next

Book Details

  • Paperback: 500 pages
  • Publisher: SitePoint; 3rd Edition (July 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0987090852
  • ISBN-13: 978-0987090850
Download [72.2 MiB]

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